“I started working in ASAM in 2002, guided by my mother, who worked here for over 30 years at IPA, later turned into ASAM. I work as a unqualified worker in the Foundry section, a mother of five children and during the almost 10 years working in ASAM, I can state that it has now become a second family to me. The head of the department is a special person who encourages and supports us. Along with my children I too have started school, currently being in the 10th grade, studying on evening courses and I wish to follow a professional qualification course in the near future. Why ASAM? For the stability, protection and secure future!”

Nicoleta Andries, Unqualified worker, Foundry Section


“I have been working in the group since 1994, when the company was just in its beginnings. I have first worked at Miroslava. I can still remember the first parts I have manufactured but I especially remember with a lot of joy, the encouragements received from my boss, who was always with us cheering and encouraging us, giving us trust and courage to go on. During these 18 years of working for the group, I have appreciated the teamwork and especially the respect paid to the work I have done.”

Gheorghe Bogza, Toolman, Mechanical processing section


“I got a job at IPA as a forger in 1980, when I was 18. I was still here when the company was acquired by ASAM. I was actually doing the same thing, with the same team and that  has always meant a lot to me. For me, ASAM means stability and even if there are only two colleagues left from the old team, every time I pass the factory’s doors, I feel trust. I am familiar with every corner of it, I keep in touch with the management, my colleagues and I feel that I belong here and this is my second family. The ASAM family.”

Vili Topcea, Forger


“I left my home town Gropnita to come to Iasi, when I was 19, thinking of starting a family. I started working in 1980 as a forger at IPA which later became ASAM. From my very first days here, I have lived in the companies’ accommodation services, where I still live now. I managed to start a family, I have a child and I am now preparing to embrace my first nephew next month. Asam gave me the financial safety I needed. I have always appreciated that I received my paycheck in good time and working here made my life better.”

Ion Moraru, Forger


“After graduating, I worked 10 years in Targoviste and then in Hunedoara. In 1983 I got married and started my new life in Iasi with my wife. I started working for IPA in 1985. I quickly got attached to the collective and I appreciate the good working atmosphere and the good collaboration relationships. I am proud of my subordinate personnel; I have 11 workers, most of them being highly qualified. They managed to achieve the first and third places at the professional qualification and requalification courses with me being their instructor for the practical examination.”

Gheorghe Hilitianu, Exchange chief, Foundry Section


“In august 2006 I started working for ASAM as a technological engineer. A big strength of the company is that it offers young people employment opportunities. This was also my case. I also worked within the quality department and this role rotation has offered me the chance to improve my knowledge of the company. I have also benefited from development courses which clearly shows that the organization is focused on its employees and their development.”

Mihai, Engineer


“In 2003 I was searching for a society that would fit my personality, a society where I could give my best and in which the policies and objectives would be more than an official requirement.
I had the chance to be found by the group in 2003, the year in which they were becoming one of the most dynamic private industrial groups with Romanian capital.
It stated its “Mission”, “Vision” and “Objectives” (1. To become the most important auto parts supplier in Romania by 2010; 2. To become a support pole of the local community; 3. To develop high value industrial services portfolio that would fully cover the demands of the field; 4. To become the third best employer in Iasi.)
The Conex family introduced me to values which I could identify with:
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Care, integrity, responsibility;
  • Applied creativity;
  • Determination.

Nowadays, the group is synonym with performance. All the activities of the companies have been capitalized. Performance is effectively monitored through:

  • Providing and continuously improving optimal work conditions for all of its employees;
  • Optimization of all the activities by identifying the best fabrication technologies;
  • Honest attitude towards the employees by maintaining a permanent dialog and by keeping in touch regularly;

The group is a successful partner with a passion for quality. The brand has been built with perseverance, vision and personality and it clearly reflects the character of the people who facilitated its establishment. Today, the group aims to reach excellence. We do know we are not perfect but that does not stop us to keep on trying to reach it.

George, former employee.