The heat treatment sector is closely linked to the forging section, in conjunction with the series production of the company. Therefore, specific treatments are made to the parts of non-alloy steels, like: normalizing, quenching, annealing but also for allied parts, treatments like: hardening, isothermal annealing (BG), annealing at globular cementite (GKZ) quenching in oil, water, air and annealing,  high frequency superficial quenching, etc.


Within this section activities of electroplating with weak acid lines are undertaken for cold steel and cast iron parts. The dimensions of the weak acid zinc electroplating baths are 1000x650x900 (LxWxH) and 1000x800x500 (LxWxH) for the chemical phosphate coating.
The electroplating sector performs modern operations of surface protection by phosphating, or by weak acid electrochemical zinc plating, white, yellow and black passivation following the quality standards of the certification SR EN 12329 and SR EN 12476.