The platform also has a mechanical workings sector that executes machined parts by turning, teething, drilling, threading, grooving and milling guaranteeing the parallel execution of multiple production flows. Manufacturing processes run on conventional machine tools, universal and specialized machine tools and CNC machine tools of last generation resulting machine workings of high accuracy, high efficaciousness and parts finished according to the criteria imposed by the client


  Maximum diameter Lmax/Hmax. Maximum weight
Normal lathes 700 mm 1500 mm
Carousel lathes 1200 mm 1000 mm 1500 kg
CNC lathes 500 mm 1000 mm 500 kg
Copier lathes 200 mm 1000 mm
Exterior grinding 350 mm 1500 mm 1000 kg
Interior grinding 500 mm 500 mm 500 kg
Plane grinding 2000 mm 500 kg
Plane grinding with rotating plate 1000 mm 300 mm

Welded structures

Parts with dimensions up to 3000 mm and maximum weight up to 3000 kilo using boring machines, synergic welding machines, welding inverters, MIG/MAG welding installations, shot blasting stations and priming and painting facility are being manufactured in this workshop.

Design and Tooling

All molds used are designed and manufactured in ASAM’s own sectors by the experienced and qualified personnel operating on CNC equipments. Thus, forging dies, casting molds, plastic injection molds, dies for cutting and bending, welding devices, mechanical devices are executed  in this specialized sector.


In the production hall, specially designed for the fabrication of body elements, the following operations are performed: pressing (punching, stamping, bending) on mechanical presses with forces between 63÷500 Tf and hydraulic presses 40÷1000 Tf; CNC guillotine cutting, horizontal band saws, CNC sheet bending, pressure welding and shielded gas welding MIG/MAG.

Hard pressing on presses of 400 & 600 Tf

Technical characteristics 400 Tf 600 Tf
Headwork stokes (mm) 1500 1500
Table size (mm) 2500 x 1500 2500 x 1500
Headwork size 2500 x 1500 2500 x 1500
Tooling max. dim (mm) 2500 x1500 x 1000 2500 x 1500 x 1000
Tooling min. dim (mm) 300 x 300 300 x 300