The commitment to provide high quality production services has determined the concern of optimizing the fabrication process, through permanent investments in the modernization of the equipment.
The technology used in the foundry section includes semi-automatic casting lines, manual and mechanized forming, core execution and shell castings. Numerous types of cast iron, such as: gray cast iron, phosphorous cast iron, nodular graphite cast iron; alloy and alloy steels (Mn, Cr, Ni, etc.) and complex parts of various shapes and weights (from 0.5 up to 150 kg) with a total capacity of 4,000 tons per year are created in the sector.

Used Materials

  • Gray and low-alloy cast iron. Accuracy classes according to: SR ISO 8062-95;
  • Cast iron alloyed with phosphorus. Accuracy classes according to: SR ISO 8062-95;
  • Nodular graphite cast iron – SR EN 1563/99, EN-GJS 400-15, EN-GJS 450-10, EN-GJS 500-7, EN-GJS 600-3, EN- GJS 700-2. Accuracy classes according to: SR ISO 8062-95;
  • Alloyed and non-alloyed steels with Ni and Cr;
  • Manganese steel

Elaborated Materials

Low alloyed steels Alloyed steels Grey cast iron SR EN 1561/99 EN GJL 150,250,300 Phosphorous cast iron UIC 832 Ductile iron ISO 1083
200 – 400 Max 1.2% Mn 150 P8 400-15
200 – 400 W Max  5% Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo, V 200 P10 400-10
230 – 450 200 P14 500-7

Production capacity Tons/year

Steels Gray cast iron Phosphorous cast iron Ductile iron
1000 2300 1000 700