Relationship with investors

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with the investors is a priority within the company’s strategy due to the desire to create solid long term partnerships with the shareholders of the society and to adopt a transparency policy based on dialog. The aim of these activities is to provide investors with information concerning the real value of the company and to facilitate their access to a correct evaluation of the shares they own. Following these principles, ASAM’s management organizes periodical meetings with financial analysts and leading representatives, during which monthly, trimestrial, semestrial or annual results are presented, offering the management of the company and analysts the opportunity to exchange opinions.

The financial communication is based on a series of principles: immediate availability of information and leveled access to the information for all shareholders, the transparency and coherence of the information provided, conformity to the terms in the matter of attainment, analysis and publication of results.


It owns (in detail):

  • Analytical database of shareholders and investors
  • Database of financial analysts
  • Database of press representatives
  • Database of customers, suppliers, etc

The priorities of the financial department are to assure:

  • Prompt and precise information (concerning all aspects – for example: material: financial – non public, strategic, administrative changes) whenever necessary, for the investor’s community and all other parties involved;
  • Leveled and integrated services for all shareholders (institutions and private investors);
  • Information about the company’s duties towards: Bucharest Stock Exchange, CNVM, etc.

The department operates under the administration of the Financial Department and is under the subordination of the Executive Director and Financial Director ASAM S.A.

Information concerning ASAMstock:

  • Juridical form: Stock company
  • CUI: RO 1965018
  • J 22/275/1991