• 2014

    Aquisition of two new CNC machines in the mechanical workings workshop: CNC Horizontal lathe with milling - OKUMA LB 3000 EXII and CNC Horizontal Machining Center - OKUMA MB 5000 H

  • 2011

    One of the latest investments for ASAM is the “STAMPED PARTS FOR AUTO BODIES” project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under contract with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment – Management Authority POS CCE. The implementation of this project culminated after building  a hall -focused on the production of stamped parts/  with the stamped parts execution  as the main  activity object

  • 2000

    Starting with 2000, ASAM becomes a member of a very important Romanian Industrial Group. Following the takeover of the society, the management of the company implemented a diversification manufacturing politics to cover various industrial branches, attached to the now traditional, auto industry. The investments made after the buy-out classify the company as a relevant manufacturer of parts and equipments for different domains including: railway, agricultural, mining, petroleum, water, energy, construction.

  • 1991

    The Car Part Enterprise turns back into ASAM after 67 years from establishment, inaugurating a new phase in the evolution of the enterprise, the fabrication of the parts for DACIA cars.

  • 1972

    Less than 30 years from establishment, a new change takes place. The plant  begins to produce spare parts for cars and heavy equipment. Along with the specialization within the auto industry, the enterprise gets the name of the Auto Parts Enterprise. An important mention is that the Trucks plant from Brasov was amongst the enterprises for which the Auto Parts Enterprise executed  parts at that time.

  • 1947

    1947 marked the migration of the factory   towards the auto sector, becoming the Maintenance Workshop of the Autonomous Region of Transport with Motorized Vehicles. To officiate the change of the activity domain, the plant changed its name to the Enterprise of Auto Repairs, and started assuring repair services for trucks, tractors and Russian and inland agricultural equipment.

  • 1924

    In 1924 the plant is opened as the Second Flotilla of the Military Aviation, this being the origin of the acronym ASAM. During the following 25 years restorations are made, along with repair and maintenance activities for military planes nationwide.