Activity domains


The company provides a variety of parts in this area, such as: consumables, spare parts for cars and trucks, for the domestic market as well as for export. The main range of products manufactured vary from ventilated and non ventilated disc brakes, tie rod ends, steering connecting rods, wheel hubs, brake drums and clutch kits, to towing devices (locking devices and towing hooks). With an experience of over 35 years in this field, as well as with an integrated production system containing both primary and secondary sectors, ASAM can offer forged parts, castings but also finished pieces and assemblies according to customer’s requirements. The guarantee of the products in this area is certified by ISO TS 16949 since 2007.


Representative in the railway industry since 2001, ASAM has extended its activity into this area, currently holding a diversified portfolio of first assembly and repair parts for wagons and locomotives. Product quality is guaranteed by the certification of the The Romanian Railway Authorization Organisation (AFER), the tutelary authority in this domain. Each item delivered is verified and authorized by AFER inspectors, ensuring the quality and conformity of the products. Parts and welded constructions for the chassis, bogie parts and safety systems are being manufactured in ASAM’s specialized sectors, but the main products are brake shoes for freight and passenger wagons and locomotives. In addition, ASAM is a supplier of a variety of castings for this industry: spherical articulations, spring hats, slide rods, brake shoe holders, etc.


The company’s product range for the agricultural area consists mainly of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machinery. The portfolio of items manufactured up  to date includes parts such as tractor clutches, pressure plates, splined shafts, crown release and axles, tractor water pumps, tractor satellites, harrow plates, cutters, gear gearboxes, etc.


The production skills, technical knowledge and experience in manufacturing spare parts and industrial equipments grants ASAM Iasi the status of a reliable business partner in variuos industries.

Parts and equipment for the marine industry

One of the manangement strategic objectives is to develop the shipbuilding industry market, obtaining certifications for casting components for valves with maximum weight of 300 Kg. Currently, ASAM manufactures and distributes cast bodies for valves and other parts for shipyards and private partners.

Parts and equipment for the oil and mining industry

The company offers a wide range of spare parts for the extractive industry, from elbows, cylinders, to mud pump parts (pistons, piston rods and extension rods, valves). The quality of the products executed for the oil and mining industries (eg. brackets) is ensured by the use of superior steel, which guarantees a long exploitation period  in the most severe and difficult conditions.

Parts and equipment for the construction and building materials industry

In the specialized areas of the company various types of forged parts (lifting slings) and welded structures (containers, conveyors) are being manufactured for transport and storage of waste for the building industry.